Fire Department


A resident can burn in the Town by calling the Fire Department and getting a permit. The resident can burn Monday thru Saturday during the day (0800 to Dusk). A resident can only burn yard debris containing limbs and leaves.

To obtain a permit in the Fire District please call Forestry at 1800-986-5405.

If you are interested in volunteering please come by 49 South Railroad Avenue and speak with Chief Bonds. The paperwork takes around 2 weeks to finish and then you will be assigned to a shift.

All questions for new businesses in the Town should be addressed to the planning department and speak with David Prichard. After all paperwork is complete the Fire Marshal will conduct an inspection.

For all fire inspection questions, contact Fire Marshal Chad Atwood at 843-726-7522

The Fire Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have several people that come by everyday for blood pressure checks and general medical questions. Come by and see us anytime!

The Fire Department is equipped with tools to unlock all vehicles. The Fire Department will unlock any vehicle that has a person, animal and medication in the vehicle. A locksmith or wrecker service will handle all non-emergency lockouts.

To burn a building on your property you will have to contact dhec and they will instruct further on what items must be removed from the property before the building can be burned.

No the Fire Department does not charge for running emergency calls.

We recommend you change your batteries each year when the time changes. This will make sure your batteries are good in case of emergency

The Fire truck responds to different medical calls to treat patients and assist EMS. All firefighters have a minimum medical requirement of Emergency Medical Responder.

No, The Fire Department no longer has a dunking booth.

No, the Fire Department doesn’t fill any swimming pools for several reasons. The water is not drinking water since it has additives for foam.

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