Executive Department

Town Clerk

Ms. Penny Daley
Phone: 843-726-7502 Email: pdaley@ridgelandsc.gov

The Town Clerk serves as a liaison between Town Council and its constituents and is custodian of Town Council’s legislative history. The Town Clerk works closely with the Mayor and members of Town Council. Functions of the Town Clerk include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Legislative Duties
  • Archives and Records Management
  • Elections
  • Business Licensing

The Town Clerk is responsible for:

  • Recording, preparing and maintaining official actions of the Town Council
  • Preparing, distributing and publishing Meeting Calendars and Agendas of Town Council meetings
  • Attesting to Town Council actions
  • Providing administrative support to Town Council

Business License Application

Aplicacion Para Licencia de Negocios

Local Accommodation/Hospitality Tax Form and Ordinance

Food Truck Permit Application

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