The Town of Ridgeland was incorporated in 1894. As prescribed in Section 5-11-20 of the SC Code of Laws, the Town of Ridgeland is a Council form of government, with five elected members, each having one vote. The council has hired an administrator who supervises all the departments and is subject to the direction and supervision of the council, as per Section 5-11-40.

Town Mission Statement

The Town of Ridgeland exists to provide high quality services to its citizens which promote a safe, active and healthy environment. The Town enables its residents to realize the best standard of living possible, through cost-effective governance. The Town government strives to:

  • Maintain a Safe and Clean community;
  • To maintain infrastructure and growth management policies to accommodate present and future needs; and
  • To have a well-managed and fiscally sound environment where everyone is respected.

Town Vision Statement

The Town of Ridgeland is a thriving, welcoming community rich in heritage where citizens and visitors experience a small town sense of place through its business, cultural, and leisure opportunities.

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