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All projects, from subdivisions to supermarkets to residential modifications, are required to gain approval from the Town Planning Department. The more extensive the project, of course, the more extensive the review. Minor home modifications can usually be approved at the staff level without presentation to the Planning Commission. If you have questions about what is required of your minor project, please call the Planning Department, Tori Bowers, at (843) 726-7531. For more extensive projects and all commercial developments the planning review is much more detailed please refer to the Plan Review and permitting Process document.

Planning Fee Schedule

Planning Fee Schedule

Meeting Forms

Consolidated Review Committee/Planning Commission Meeting Application

Checklist Forms

Town of Ridgeland New Business Resource Guide
Town of Ridgeland New Business Resource Guide (Español)
Final Planning Checklist
Commercial Building Permit Submittal Requirements
Residential Building Permit Submittal Requirements
Mobile Home Permit/Mobile Home Permit Submittal and Set-up Requirements
Storm Water Plan Review Checklist

Permit Application Forms

Building Permit
Building Permit Roster Card
Mobile Home Permit Application
Demolition Application
Tree Removal Permit
Sign Permit Application

A-Tax and Business License Forms

A-Tax Form and Ordinance
Business License Application
Food Truck Permit Application

Development Forms

Plan Review and Permitting Process
Sketch Plan Review Application and Checklist
Major Subdivision Application and Checklist (Preliminary Plats)
Architectural Review and Checklist
Major Subdivision Application and Checklist (Final Plats)
Traffic Impact Analysis Instructions
Form A- Building Scale
Form B- Clustered Land Development (30-80 Acres)
Form C- Traditional Neighborhood Development (80-160 Acres)
Form D- Infill Community Scale Plan (< 30 Acres)

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