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All projects, from subdivisions to supermarkets to residential modifications, are required to gain approval from the Town Planning Department. The more extensive the project, of course, the more extensive the review. Minor home modifications can usually be approved at the staff level without presentation to the Planning Commission. If you have questions about what is required of your minor project, please call the Planning Department, Heather Spade, at (843) 726-7521. For more extensive projects and all commercial developments the planning review is much more detailed:

First, a Preliminary Review is required to review the project concept. The more detailed information provided at this point by the developer will make the remaining steps much easier for himself and the Planning Commission. There is no checklist for the Preliminary Review as it holds no specific approval for construction.

Second, after the Planning Commission grants the Preliminary Approval, the developer progresses to the Final Review. The checklist for this review is attached below and is extensive. Architectural details are required for all exterior items; site plans are required for drainage, utility connections, and landscaping; and color selections are required. Once this design is approved, no modifications to the plans can be made without a request being made to the Planning Department.

Lastly, once Planning Approval is received, the developer must submit detailed building plans according to the latest Building Codes. Only after review of the plans by certified plan reviewers and codes enforcement personnel will the Building Permit be issued. Detailed inspections by Codes Enforcement are required at multiple steps during construction. These inspections can be scheduled with the Planning Department.

Again, if you have any questions please contact Heather Spade in the Planning Department at 843-726-7521 or by email at

Planning Commission Checklist

Commercial Building Permit Submittal Requirements

Residential Plan Review Checklist

Residential Permit Submittal Requirements

Planning Commission/CRC Application

Building Permit

Building Permit Roster Card

Mobile Home Permit/Mobile Home Permit Submittal and Set-up Requirements

Demolition Application

Tree Removal Permit

A-Tax Form and Ordinance

Business License Application

Storm Water Plan Review Checklist

Formulario licencia de negocios

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